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  1. Although this information may seem simple, it is not always obvious to beginners how this process works. Kimberly Tucker has taken the time to go over how to download your tree from the big three subscription sites - Ancestry, MyHeritage and FindMyPast - and has also provided links to some additional instructions for other programs.
  2. has decided to make their entire Irish Heritage collection completely free this weekend - no-cost access will end on Monday. If you have Irish (or UK) ancestors (or are trying to discover if you do) and don't have a current subscription to their site then this is a great chance to get some research done.
  3. If you've been waiting to take a DNA test for ancestry until a great deal comes along, now may be the time. Whether you plan to test only yourself, or want to grab a few kits for family members, you'll find low prices at every major testing company right now. We've listed all of the current offers below so that you can easily compare. Some of these deals have an unknown end date and others expire this weekend.
  4. For avid family historians the search for the perfect tree program can be a challenging one. We need a very specific set of tools, intelligent ways to enter and view data, robust reporting options and ongoing stability - but we also hope for an intuitive and attractive design, access from any device and the ability to easily share our work with family members and collaborators. It's a tall order to fill.
  5. If you’re one of the 175 million people around the world who use Pinterest every month, you probably already know that there’s a lot to love. Maybe you think of Pinterest as a great place to collect clever home decor ideas or as the best spot to peruse beautiful images of tasty food (who doesn’t?) - but did you know that Pinterest is so much more than that? It may be the free genealogy tool you've been missing.
  6. While there are plenty of other good options that could be added to this list, I consider the following selection of books must-reads for any serious researcher, professional genealogist, or anyone who wants to become a professional genealogist (with one exception because all learning must be fun). In fact, they are a must for anyone who wants to improve their research. These books will certainly take you more than a year to work through, but the effort will be well worth it.
  7. Anyone who has spent time doing family history research knows the many challenges involved in building a family tree with complete and accurate information - but researching African American ancestors can present its own unique set of complications. In this guide to African American genealogy research, we will talk about how to get started researching your African American ancestors, discuss common challenges and potential strategies for avoiding them, and highlight the best resources to help you begin to uncover your family's roots.
  8. Millions of people received DNA tests over the holiday season and, as results start to finally roll in, many of you will be looking at ethnicity reports for the first time  - 39% of this, 22% of that, 2% of something totally surprising…it can all be very exciting. But what does it all mean? Can you really take these percentages at face value? The answer is a resounding no. While your results certainly contain truths, accepting your ancestry report without additional interpretation will often lead you to confusion and inaccurate assumptions about your family’s history.
  9. If you've never taken the time to track down offline vital records about your ancestors you might be asking yourself two questions right now: “Vital Records?  What are those?” and “Offline? Why would I need a quick guide to finding Vital Records offline when it’s so easy to surf for everything online?” But you'll soon discover that adding these offline records to your research is an integral step in understanding your ancestors' lives and building a quality family tree.
  10. Searching for and locating records about our ancestors is seldom a simple process. Of course, we all have those easy to find individuals that seem to appear in every single record at just the right time -- but many of us spend most of our time searching for those elusive members of our tree that appear to have avoided being recorded on purpose. If you've hit a brick wall in your research, check our list of 13 common reasons why people fail to find the genealogy data they're looking for. These are not the only reasons a person might hit a brick wall or miss information (some circumstances, like adoption, provide even greater challenges) but in the vast majority of cases one or more of these observations apply. If you feel that something on the list describes your research take the time to address it and you might find that you tear down your family history obstacle once and for all.

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