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  1. By Marsha Peterson-Maass

    I’d like to share a miraculous family story with you that ultimately led me to a rewarding volunteer position where I use my genealogical skill set to help others. I’ll also give you some ideas for how you can help others with your genealogical skills, as well as point you to some helpful further reading in my textbook, Fundamentals of Genealogy®: The Most Helpful Tools You’ve Never Used.

    The Repatriation Of My WWII Cousin’s Remains

    In 2012, my family received an incredible gift with the repatriation of my WWII cousin’s remains from the South Pacific back to Illinois, 68 years later. (Read about the soldiers who never came home here.) There were hundreds of people involved in this process and our family benefited by receiving so much comfort, new friends, and a closer relationship with each other.

    We also gained a better understanding of what our family sacrificed at the time, a biographical tour of the wonderful person who my cousin was and our profound appreciation to all of these many strangers who helped us in this way without asking for anything in return.

    It was a blessing. A refreshing blessing, especially in today’s society where we often feel like it’s difficult to receive others’ gifts. This gift was so positive and affirming in so many ways and, although the repatriation was 68 years in the making, it confirmed to us that no man is forgotten, no man is left behind.

    2012 Group Burial Repatriation at Arlington National Cemetery [Photo by Marsha Peterson-Maass]

    My Desire To Pay This Debt Forward

    As a genealogist, I was deeply touched. Of all people for this repatriation to happen to: I’m a professional genealogist who’s had some training in forensic techniques, including DNA and repatriation, both of which were part of the process to get our cousin’s remains back home.

    I really wanted to pay this debt forward and keep this positive, affirming energy flowing. I wanted to be the stranger who helped other families benefit by reuniting them with something precious that belonged to their loved one. And I knew that I had a valuable genealogical skill set that I could use toward that end.

    But how would I help others?

    How I Found My Volunteering Opportunity

    Beginning in 2014, I could find several hours a week to volunteer but what organization could use my genealogical talents and my desire to help in this very specific way? At that point in time, my father encouraged me by saying, “Just put it out there, look around and the right opportunity will find you.” I kept my ears open, talked to fellow genealogists, attended genealogical conferences in my interest area and sure enough, it did.

    I discovered the charitable foundation, Purple Hearts Reunited, Inc. while attending a forensic genealogy conference. This organization was started by Major Zachariah Fike (a purple heart recipient himself) when he discovered that there was no U.S. government agency where people could send “lost purple heart medals” in order to have them reunited with the veterans or their families.

    Purple Hearts Reunited [...]

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  3. Looking for information about a family member who passed away while serving in a conflict can certainly present unique challenges for the family history researcher. In addition to the sense of loss that comes with knowing your family member's life ended too soon, the act of finding the true story of their service can be daunting task, especially if the loved one's remains were never returned to the United States. So, how do you take those first steps when trying to unearth information about one of your ancestors who lived and died during wartime? While government information from organizations like the Veterans Administration are often the first places we think to look, there are other resources that may be just as useful in your search.
  4. If your family history research leads you back to England or Wales, the records kept by the General Register Office, and the GRO Index, should absolutely be on your short list of amazing resources. The GRO has been recording vital information for the populations of both England and Wales since 1837. Nearly every birth, marriage, and death that has occurred there in the last 180 years has been recorded and indexed by the GRO.
  5. With the holidays on the horizon top DNA testing companies MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA and Ancestry are celebrating with discounts on their tests.  If you’re hoping to score a deal (or buy multiple tests as gifts) this is a great time to do it. You’ll find links for the best deals below.

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    Not sure which DNA to choose? For a detailed comparison of all of the top testing companies see our helpful guide.

    MyHeritage DNA Sale – $59

    MyHeritage may be the newest DNA testing company on this list but they already have some great offerings in place. This is the lowest price MyHeritage has ever offered – $40 off the normal list price (although they typically sell their test for $79).

    MyHeritage may not have all of the advanced tools of FTDNA or the large database size of Ancestry,  but they do have some really good family history integrations – making it very easy to use your DNA for genealogy research. For a full review of their genealogy-centric genetic test read our in-depth review or grab this deal here.

    Family Tree DNA Sale – $59

    FTDNA is the oldest and one of the most respected providers of personal genetic tests for genealogy. They are also the only major company offering autosomal tests (which provide ethnicity percentages and cousin matching) as well as tests of your direct maternal line (mtDNA) and of your direct paternal line (Y-DNA – men only).

    Their popular autosomal test Family Finder – which includes the recently updated MyOrigins 2.0 report, advanced tools and cousin matching – is now on sale for $59. This is a $30 savings on their normal price of $89, although they do regularly offer the test for $69.

    Find the discount here.

    AncestryDNA Sale – $79

    Although Ancestry’s DNA test (autosomal only) has not been around for nearly as long as FTDNA, their service has become incredibly popular since many researchers like to pair a DNA test with the more traditional research they are already doing on Ancestry’s site. Ancestry also recently added a new feature called Genetic Communities that many people are excited about – although some of their DNA features require a record subscription to fully appreciate.

    Although we generally recommend FTDNA or MyHeritage over Ancestry for their superior handling of customer privacy, these tests are a good choice for those who use Ancestry on a regular basis and are a nice complement to other autosomal tests you may have taken.

    Ancestry is currently offering a discount of $20 off DNA tests to those in the US. That brings the price down to $79.

    Need Some DNA Help?

    If you need help figuring out which of these ethnicity tests is best for you check out our detailed comparison guide or find out how to get additional DNA reports for free once you have tested with one of these companies.

    You may also like to sign up for our online course, The Genealogy Journey, which includes an entire [...]

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  8. DNA testing for genealogy is more common than ever, but it's also expensive. Although we've seen prices drop quite a bit in recent years the cost is still too much for many to justify. If you've been holding off on testing your own DNA, or on expanding your testing to relatives whose information may help your research, the information in this article will help you overcome this cost-hurdle.
  9. Are you encountering a lot of indexes in your Ancestry research? This technique will show you how you can find many of the original records online for free.
  10. Genealogy organization. How important is it? If you're trying to build an accurate family tree, the simple answer is very. Here's how to accomplish it with one smart tool.

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