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  1. Need to Know Before Visiting a Cemetery to Find Your Ancestor's GravesiteSummer is the season of travel and while we are wandering the world many of us are also planning a visit to a cemetery or two. If you're going to try and find a burial site, no matter its age or location, you'll want to take a few very important things into consideration before you head out.
  2. As you dive deeper into your family history you will likely run across terminology that you have not seen before or that you may not fully understand. Even those of us who have made history a profession will sometimes run across terms that are no longer used or that have a specific application that's unfamiliar. This guide explores confusing military terms from the Civil War and the American Revolution to help you with your genealogy research.
  3. Ancestry 4th of July Sale​This deal from has ended. You can find their regular prices and start an Ancestry 14 day free trial here instead. is offering 40% off all of its subscriptions for the 4th of July  – a very uncommon discount from the leader in genealogy research. The sale ends at 11:59 PM ET on July 4th, […]
  4. 6 Uncommon Places to Find a Missing Birth Date for Your AncestorWe all have those ancestors who make us want to pull our hair out. You know, the ones we just can’t find key pieces of information about - like a birth or death date? Locating a date of birth can be especially difficult because oftentimes only ages are listed on old records. And even on records that usually do list a birth date this detail is sometimes left blank because the informant didn't have the needed information (this is common on death certificates). But finding an actual date of birth (rather than an estimated year) is important to your research. This article will go over a few common places to find birth dates and then jump into several sources that are often overlooked by researchers.
  5. How to Find a Cause of Death When You Don't Have a Death Certificate for Your AncestorGenealogy research often has a domino effect. Locating one new piece of information can open new paths to explore and can knock down brick walls you have been pounding on for years. In this article I will discuss how a person’s date of death and/or last known location can help you reveal the cause when you don't have a death certificate. 
  6. New Online Mayflower Collection Let's You Find Out if Your Ancestors are Descendants of the Original PilgrimsThe online research site American Ancestors, from the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), has just released the largest collection of authenticated Mayflower passenger genealogies ever online. This database is a digitized version of the Mayflower Families Fifth Generation Descendants, 1700-1880, a series of books created by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and featuring more than a half a million names of individuals who are known to have descended from those who took part in the pivotal voyage.
  7. 30 Days of Free Genealogy TipsWe've created a unique, free email series to help you discover new places to find records, master online searches, uncover the best free tools, break down brick walls, use DNA in your research, avoid common pitfalls and much more. Join thousands of other researchers and start receiving expert genealogy tips in your inbox today.
  8. This Curious 1880 Census Recorded Idiots, the Insane, the Sick and the PoorIf you are one of the millions of people who have an ancestor that lived in the Unites States in 1880 and had a physical or mental impairment or illness - or who was homeless, an orphan, an alcoholic, a prisoner, who was living in an institution or poor house, or who received government assistance - you'll want to know about these often overlooked census schedules.
  9. No, DNA Testing is Not a Shortcut to Your Family's HistoryGenetic testing has made family history a topic of interest to more people than ever before. But it has also provided an easy deception. While modern ancestry tests do share fascinating information about a person's heritage, the results are only valuable, or accurate, within the context of family history research.
  10. Ancestry DNA Sales for Father's Day 2018Looking for sales on DNA test kits for Father's Day? Or maybe you're just looking to score the best deal for yourself? Either way, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up all of the 2018 offers to help you take advantage of the low prices and give Dad the gift of his genetic past.

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