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  1. After being lucky enough to snag the last two tickets for a London performance of Hamilton, I feel fired up to work on volume 3 of my Last Muster series of books that features images of men and women who lived during the revolution and into the age of photography. For the past fifteen years, […]

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  2. My daughter's teary eyes at discovering a tossed photo were the inspiration for a recent blog post, Let's Stop Trashing Family Photos.  It struck a nerve with my readers too.  My inbox and FB page were flooded with responses. Listen to their emails in this edition of The Photo Detective.

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  3. It’s an often-used phrase, but what does it really mean. On the surface it’s about studying the clues in the picture. People, places, and things are key to our understanding of a picture, but that’s not the whole story. It takes more than pictorial evidence to fit a picture into family context. Truths and Mysteries […]

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  4. A few weeks ago, my daughter went on a photo hunting expedition with me. Rhode Island is full of tiny antique shops tucked into old buildings. On this particular afternoon we were in an old mill that wandered over the landscape. The smell of mold was in the air. I’d found good things here before. […]

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  5. A colleague emailed me this week to tell me about a set of Rhode Island manuscript volumes on eBay. It was a reminder that you never know what you're going to find on eBay. Family photos? Absolutely. Images of ancestral hometowns?  Definitely. Just about anything can be listed on eBay. In this episode of The Photo Detective, you'll learn how to search for family materials and how to set up an alert so you'll never miss a "lost" family item.

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